Company Info

Altern Energy Limited (the 'Company') is a public limited Company incorporated in Pakistan on January 1 7, 1995. The Company is a subsidiary of Descon Engineering Limited ('DEL'). The Company's ordinary shares are listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited.
The principal objective of the Company is to generate and supply electric power to the Water and Power Development Authority of Pakistan (WAPDA) from its thermal power plant having a gross capacity of 32 Mega Watts (June 30, 2016 : 32 Mega Watts). The registered office of the Company is situated at Descon Headquarters, 18 km, Ferozepur Road, Lahore

Company Sales Tax Registration No. 03-02-8504-001-73

NTN No. 2152266-9

Incorporation No. L-7649 CUIN 0034081